It is essential and powerful to take moments where we stop, drop in and explore our inner realms.
We need it to hear our own truth and needs in a world where there is so much moving, changing and shifting.

To give our inner worlds the chance to be seen and felt, acknowledged and heard.

To see our desires and dreams. To ENVISION in order to CREATE our reality.

To take our place in this journey called Life.


I wish to create a space that will offer:

A safe container
A place to tune into your inner worlds
A place to listen, to feel yourself
A place to inspire and be inspired.


During these evenings I will offer guided visualisations through the practice of shamanic journeying to deeply connect to yourself and inner worlds. Journeying is a practice that helps in the re-discovery and remembrance of who you are in your deepest essence.
It helps to gain insights, clarity and inner strength. It also helps to connect deeper to the guidance that is available to you at all times.



This is an online event (through Zoom)
☆ Dates: Sunday evenings
Time: 8.oo-9.00 PM (CET)

This event is donation based. Pay as your heart tells you, it is received in gratitude.


You are so welcome!

Contact me here if you'd like to join.